How to get Lertap 5

Remember that Lertap 5 is an "app" which runs with Microsoft Excel. Your computer must have a copy of Excel in order to be able to run Lertap 5. Excel is part of the suite of programs which Microsoft refers to as "Office". Other apps in the Office suite include Word, Access, and PowerPoint.


Windows versions with an installer:


Windows users with Excel 2010Excel 2013, or Excel 2016 may download the installer for Lertap 5 from this link


Users of Excel 2007, an older version of Excel for Windows, may download version 5.8.3 of Lertap 5 from here.


You'll note that the downloaded file will have a name similar to "SetupLertap5109.exe". This is an installer program for use on a Windows computer; in this example, the Lertap5109 part of the file name means Lertap 5, version 10.9.  The installer for the Excel 2007 version is "SetupLertap583.exe".


The installer will see to it that your computer is set up to run the free "Mini Version" of Lertap 5, a version limited to processing no more than 100 data records (50 records with the Excel 2007 version). This limitation may be overcome by the purchase of a license from the Store.


The next topic gets into matters related to installing Lertap 5 once the installer package (for one of the Windows versions) has been downloaded.


A Windows version without an installer:


An alternative, and perhaps an easier way to set up Lertap 5 on a Windows computer running Excel 2016, is to follow the new "Mac-Win" path, one that leads to the download of a zip folder with all the files needed to run Lertap 5.  This gets around the problems at times encountered when using the installer, leaving users with the three core Lertap 5 Excel files, plus a few handy supporting documents.


This "Mac-Win" version (5.10.99) has been built up from the present installer's version (5.10.9); nothing has been left out. Refer to this document -- it has a link to the zip folder.


(This version also works on Macintosh computers providing they have Excel 2016; on Windows computers, it works with Excel 2010, Excel 2013, and Excel 2016 -- but not Excel 2007.)


Macintosh version:


To get a copy of Lertap 5 for a Macintosh computer, read this document and follow its instructions -- note that this version requires the latest version of Excel for the Mac (Excel 2016).


This version will also work with Windows computers. It does not have an installer file, and, because of this, some users may find it easier to set up.


Related tidbit:


A document covering the on-going development of Lertap 5, with version numbering, is available here.