What to do to remove Lertap 5 from your computer, that is, how is Lertap 5 uninstalled?


If the "zip folder" was used to set up Lertap 5 (as mentioned under the "Windows versions without an installer" section of this topic), then uninstalling Lertap is a no-brainer: just delete the folder.


On the other hand, if one of the installer programs has been used, then begin by opening this document.


Then: don't panic!  True: the document is called "Using the Lertap 5 Installer".  But this is the document you want, to be sure, to be sure.


Scroll to the bottom of the document.  Find the "What may go wrong" section; it looks like this:


You'll see that there are two ways to uninstall Lertap 5.  Just choose one of them, and that should be it.


Need help?  Send an email to: support@lertap.com.